Kiwi during pregnancy

During pregnancy, you want to get as many useful substances as possible. Only proper nutrition will help to bear and give birth to a healthy child. But how can this be done to be tasty, useful and affordable?

Together with a different variety of foods, take kiwi, which surpasses many fruits and vegetables in terms of the amount of vitamins. Using kiwi in pregnancy, you can expect the birth of a strong baby.

In addition, moms noted that kiwi helps with nausea, which often happens during pregnancy. For this, on an empty stomach, without getting out of bed, eat half of the fruit. This will prevent nausea.

Potassium helps to remove excess fluid from the body of a pregnant woman. Insufficient amount of it causes drowsiness, pain in the muscles, cramps, irregularities in the work of the heart. With enough potassium (in kiwi it is 300 mg per 100 g), a woman feels brisk during pregnancy.

Magnesium is responsible for muscle contraction, their relaxation, which is very important for labor. Therefore, a lack of magnesium can cause premature birth. 100 grams of kiwi contains 25 mg of magnesium. This microelement is involved in the formation of the fetal skeleton, its nervous system, protects a woman from stress during pregnancy.

Vitamin C increases immunity. The use of kiwi in pregnancy in its saturation with ascorbic acid 180 mg per 100 g of product more than oranges, lemons, mandarins.

Calcium during pregnancy, it is necessary for the development of almost all tissues it helps to form bones, teeth, heart, muscles, nervous system of the child. Take 1500 mg of calcium per day (1000 mg is required for an adult woman), since the baby takes 250 to 300 mg per day through the placenta. This element is responsible for regulating the heart rate and blood clotting.

Kiwi can be consumed and needed for the proper development of the fetus and maintaining the health of the mother. But if there are doubts or contraindications, consult the doctor in advance.

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