Is yoga useful for pregnant women?

Many future mothers think about the benefits of yoga for pregnant women, but not all decide to go for it. I will try to answer the questions most often asked by pregnant women. Perhaps the answers to them will help you.

Yoga for pregnant women is specifically designed for women in any period of pregnancy (for the features of the practice during the 1st trimester see the answer to the next question). It helps expectant mothers cope with possible physical discomfort ( edema, back pain or sacrum, etc.). Also, yoga classes help women cope with mood swings and bursts of emotions, allow them to feel harmony with themselves and feel full of strength and energy. At the same time, the body and mind are gently preparing for childbirth. In yoga, there are many respiratory techniques. Some of the techniques are specifically designed for pregnant women, because they help to relax, deepen breathing (as the mother’s breathing is food for the child), feel in balance and harmony, allow you to manage your emotions. Techniques mastered by women during pregnancy will help them during labor: the woman in labor will be able to relax and thus help herself and her baby gently and easily go through this wonderful experience. Also, yoga helps to connect the mother and child,

Is it possible to do yoga during pregnancy? Are there any contraindications?

If you are in doubt whether you can do this, please consult a doctor you trust. You can and should do, listening to your feelings. However, in the first trimester, it is not recommended to start practicing yoga to women who did not practice it before pregnancy. At this time, important changes in the body are carried out, pregnancy is “established” and the vital organs of the child are laid, so it is advisable to spend this time in a calm, familiar atmosphere, be alone with yourself, rest, relax, meditate more often, just feel and be happy your new state. Limit physical activity during pregnancy should also be if the woman has placenta previa. In yoga, there are methods that help with the low attachment of the placenta, in which case you can practice them. When the placenta rises, you can begin a soft practice. Be sure to warn your instructor about such circumstances.

What to do if a woman has never practiced yoga and is afraid that she will not be able to do the exercises?

Yoga for pregnant women is designed for women of different levels of training, it does not imply the possession of any special skills or asanas (postures in yoga). Yoga for pregnant women is adapted yoga, which excludes even potentially dangerous exercises (such as backbends, lying on the stomach, closed twists, etc.). The teacher is usually interested in whether the woman was engaged in any type of physical activity before the pregnancy and, on this basis, builds up the occupation and varies the load. Therefore, there is no need to be afraid in any position or exercise, if you feel that you are tired, you can always relax on your own. Only you yourself can feel your body, understand its signals. For any woman, you can find pleasant and comfortable techniques and asanas for her.

Yoga treats a person holistically, so for the postpartum period, there is a post-natal practice that helps a woman gently recover. There is also baby yoga, women’s yoga and much more practices that support us in the most varied moments of life.

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