Insufficiency of the cervix during pregnancy

Cervical insufficiency is an abnormal state of the cervix during the gestation of the fetus.

Outside of pregnancy, the diagnosis of ischemic-cervical insufficiency cannot be established, since “cervical Isthmus” is a functional formation that forms during pregnancy.

Under normal conditions, the cervical canal is in a closed state, and no isthmus is formed.

During the bearing of the child between the outer and inner segments of the cervix, a narrowed section is formed that closes the communication between the vagina and the uterine cavity in which the fetus is located.

Additional protection of the fetus is due to the mucous plug, which is located in the area of the isthmus.

Insufficiency of the cervix during pregnancy means a weakening or even a complete lack of protection of the fetus from the external environment, which is considered a vaginal microflora. The mucous plug cannot form since the cervical canal is widened all the way.

Fetal membranes sag into the cervical canal, “pulling” the embryo behind it. So there is a miscarriage. Most often, in the second trimester of pregnancy.

In the place of rupture of the muscular wall of the cervix, there is a violation of the elasticity of the cervical ring – Isthmus. Scar tissue is not capable of contraction, it is constantly in the same condition.

When the neck wall breaks do not overgrow with a connective tissue, the isthmus during pregnancy is not formed. Similar conditions develop with the failure of seams applied to the cervix during previous births.

The divergence of surgical sutures is largely due to the state of muscle tissue. With inflammatory edema, the threads penetrate the loosened wall, due to which the area of the rupture increases.

Functional insufficiency of the uterine throat is also accompanied by structural changes inside the muscular tissue of the cervix. Changes occur at the level of smooth muscle cells.

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