Increased nutritional needs for pregnant women

It is therefore advisable to prioritize nutritious foods that contain high nutrition per calorie, and do not eat too much sweets, junk food and snacks. It does, as you know, know a lot of calories but some other nutrients. As in other situations in life, a balanced and varied diet is the best.

However, during pregnancy, some nutrients are extra important to make sure that the fetus gets the best start possible. Your choices make a difference for the expectant child.

Extra focus on certain nutrients

The best way to get you the nutrients you and your fetus need is via regular food. The nutrients you have an increased need for and that deserve some extra attention are DHA (a long-chain omega-3 fatty acid found in oily fish), vitamin D, folate / folic acid, iron, iodine and calcium. Other nutrients are usually quite easy to get enough of if you eat varied and balanced.

Nutritional supplements can not replace regular food and do not contain all the nutrients we need. However, supplements may be necessary. Talk to your midwife or contact a dietician if you are wondering about this.

Your energy needs

How much energy a pregnant woman needs to eat varies from person to person. This depends, among other things, on body weight, body composition and, of course, how much you move.

During the first third of pregnancy, energy demand is only slightly higher than before, during the second third a little further and during the last third of pregnancy, when the greatest growth in the fetus occurs, energy demand can increase further. However, when many women move less during the latter part of pregnancy, most people do not need more food at the end than at the beginning of pregnancy. For most, it is enough with an extra snack or a little larger portions.

If you are overweight, keep in mind that it is inappropriate to lose weight during pregnancy. Ask your midwife for help and support to get up on weight. Perhaps you can meet a dietician for individual dietary treatment.

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