Identify ectopic pregnancy at home

Often the tubal course of pregnancy is diagnosed, in which the growth of the fetal egg begins in any of the fallopian tubes. This is observed much more rarely in the abdominal cavity, in the cervical region of the uterus.

It is important to know! How to determine an ectopic pregnancy at home should be known to absolutely every woman in reproductive age, since no one is insured against this problem. And the lack of timely medical assistance is fraught with serious consequences for life.

In this condition, fetal death is unambiguous, since further development of the fetal egg is impossible. The most important thing is to save the life of a woman. The onset of death is possible due to rupture of the fallopian tube followed by internal bleeding. Often there is a peritonitis.

The earlier you go to a doctor, the easier it will be to cope with this problem and with minimal health loss. With the early establishment of a correct diagnosis, it is possible to prevent the rupture of the fallopian tube, and in some cases even to keep it during surgery to interrupt the pathological pregnancy.

Definition of an ectopic pregnancy

Express tests usually give out the presence in the body of pregnancy, no matter where the fertilized egg began to develop. But in pathological pregnancies, the content of hCG is usually an order of magnitude lower, so tests do not always give a true result.

Note! If the pregnancy test is negative, but all the other signs are present, then this is a sufficient reason for urgently going to the doctor.

The result of the latest medical developments is a special test-cassette, which determines the presence of pathological pregnancy. It can be purchased at any pharmacy at a relatively affordable price.

If there are initial symptoms of pregnancy, such as a delay in menstruation, weakness, swelling of the chest, nausea, and loss of appetite, it is better to immediately consult a female doctor to conduct a number of diagnostic studies that allow you to determine the presence of the fetal egg in the body.

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