How to understand that you are pregnant without a test?

The pregnancy can also accidentally come up. For some, it’s a pleasant surprise but for someone the saddest news in the world. But, in any case, you must be 100% sure that pregnancy is there to make further decisions. How to understand that you are pregnant without a test? There are several ways that this can help.

You are definitely not pregnant if you have not had sex recently. This is without a doubt. But if sexual relations did take place, the possibility of conception cannot be ruled out. Even if you and your partner used contraceptives. So how do you know if you’re pregnant without a test? The first bell is a delay.

But in this case, you do not need to panic or rejoice at once. Delay is the main sign of the onset of pregnancy only when a woman has a regular cycle. In addition, menstruation may not start on time due to stress, illness, medication, climate change, etc.

Even the most experienced gynecologist will not be able to recognize pregnancy less than 3 weeks. It is at this time that the uterus grows sufficiently and there is an opportunity to see the fetus.

The most terrible dream of every pregnant woman is a toxicosis. It’s not very pleasant when each your new day begins with a meeting with a white friend. It is because of this that many pregnant girls lose weight in the early stages of pregnancy.

Female breasts can significantly increase in size already in the early stages of pregnancy. Unpleasant sensations and increased sensitivity can accompany this process.

Increased irritability, tearfulness, and emotionality are also signs of pregnancy. Again, in all the hormones are to blame.

In all, hormones are to blame, which, during pregnancy, organize a real revolution. A pregnant woman can easily understand that she is pregnant without a dough, if suddenly turns into a passionate insatiable tigress or, conversely, does not even want to think about sex.

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