How to understand if baby has enough breast milk?

For each mother, one of the immediate problems and the main questions is how to understand if the baby has enough breast milk? Perhaps the baby does not get enough and it should be finished feeding the mixture? He behaves restlessly, naughty, maybe this is the case when he is hungry? It should be noted that the anxiety of the child cannot always be argued by hunger. If the feeding was very recent, then you can offer him a pacifier, take him in your arms. In the case when the child is really hungry, such manipulations will not help, and he will still be naughty, demanding the breast.

Of course, in order for the baby to get enough nutrients and vitamins, the mother must ensure a full-fledged diet. Its menu must include fish, meat, cereals, vitamins and minerals from natural products. Thanks to the full nutrition of the mother, the baby will receive important for him microelements, respectively, to fully eat, grow and develop. Every mommy wants to know how to understand that there is not enough milk for a newborn. There are certain manifestations that pointedly show that the little one lacks milk.

The main manifestations of malnutrition baby

Immediately it should be noted, if you realized that your baby lacks the volume of milk that enters the breast, this does not mean that you must immediately run for the mixture and introduce artificial feeding. It may be worthwhile to change the feeding scheme if you have already managed to establish it, and feed the baby according to his wish. Night feeding is not a substitute for water and, in general, review organized breastfeeding.

So, how to understand that there is not enough milk? It is necessary to pay special attention to the following manifestations of the child:

When mommy has a small amount of milk, the baby will suckle for a long time. He can fall asleep in the process, do not immediately put him to bed, because after an hour he will wake up again hungry. Awaken him by stroking his cheek or with a nipple on his lips, he will begin to eat again. It is better to let the child eat for forty minutes, but still be satisfied, rather than constantly waking up from hunger during the night. Do not forget that the baby quite often asks for the breast during the illness, when the teeth are climbing, but this calms him more and does not indicate a systematic feeling of hunger.

When considering how to understand that a baby lacks milk, it is necessary to take into account the monthly weight gain. There are standard parameters in which the baby should fit. The first few months, weight gain should be at least 500 grams per month. If less, the doctor speaks of deviations from this norm, then you should pay special attention to breastfeeding.

Make sure that the baby really has enough breast milk, will help by counting the number of urinations per day. Normally, infants should urinate at least 10 times a day, but this is on condition that they receive only breast milk, without feeding them as a mixture and some water.

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