How to sleep on a pillow for pregnant women?

In the later stages of pregnancy, it becomes difficult to walk, sit, lie down and sleep. Big belly does not allow to take the usual position and relax. During this period, a special support or roller saves a large size and special shape. How to choose a pillow for pregnant women? Can I use it during subsequent feeding? And how to save and sew such an object with your own hands?

During pregnancy, the growing belly creates an additional load on the spine. This causes a curvature of the spinal column. It flexes forward in the lumbar region and back in the chest area.

Incorrect position of the vertebrae causes muscle tension, spasm, and pain.

Proper and comfortable posture of sleep normalizes the position of the spine, relieves pain and spasm, restores blood circulation. Special orthopedic bedding helps to keep the body in a physiologically healthy position.

Statistics confirm that only 24% of women sleep on their backs. The remaining 76% (most of them) sleep on their side or on their stomachs. In the second and third trimesters, the pose on the stomach is excluded. Lying on your back is physiologically wrong. Therefore, the most suitable sleeping posture for a pregnant woman is on the side.

Important: when a woman lies on her back, the fetus squeezes the inferior vena cava. This leads to a general deterioration of health and impaired blood supply to the fetus.

However, the position of the body on the side is unstable. Prior to the invention of orthopedic bedding, pregnant women laid various rollers of rolled blankets under their backs. Modern women have special pillows for pregnant women.

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