How to Prepare for Breastfeeding?

Modern moms often have a question; how to prepare a breast for feeding? In fact, cases when any actions are required are quite rare.

Remember the main axiom, almost any woman can feed, only she should have a breast and an infant in her arms. Medicine knows of cases of natural feeding even of adopted children. The main thing in successful feeding is calmness, faith in one’s own strength and love for the unborn baby.

For the production of milk in the mammary glands, the hormones prolactin and oxytocin respond, which begin to act in full force within a day or two after delivery, excluding rare cases of violations of the endocrine system.

The help of a husband, grandmothers and other relatives is also important. It is better to prepare them in advance. It will be more optimal to organize assistance in such a way that in the first few months you will only care about the child, and everyone else will take care of you.

Successful feeding can be easily organized by a woman with both flat, and retracted nipples. After a few days of active sucking, the baby will pull out any nipple, only it is necessary to offer him a breast more often and not to take her violently, but wait until the baby is satisfied and he will release his mother. However, if the future mother still thinks about how to prepare the nipples for feeding, something can be done.

To determine which shape of the nipple, look at how the breast reacts to the cold. The outstretched nipple stands upright, the flat one does not change, and the retracted one sinks inward more.

It is important! Remember that any breast stimulation in the third trimester can provoke premature birth, so act very cautiously.

If it turns out that you have flat or retracted nipples, the main task will be to form a correct breast capture for the baby . To do this, do not give the baby bottles and nipples at least in the first 4 months after childbirth.

To get milk from the chest, the crumb has to work hard. And from the bottle, milk is almost poured into the mouth itself, as a result, there is a refusal of natural feeding. In addition, children take their nipples quite differently from Mama’s breast, and then they can not be properly applied.

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