How to get rid of excess weight after giving birth?

Many mothers after the birth of a dream very quickly return to the ideal form. But do not forget that you need to feed your baby with milk.

In order to achieve good results you need to have a motive , for example, after a few months you have a birthday and you want to put on a new dress that is several sizes smaller than you have now. Such a goal will give you strength to not get off the right track.

The new mode

After the birth of a child, your life has acquired a new regime, in which you must allocate time for a healthy sleep, for your beloved husband and for yourself. Lack of sleep contributes to the appearance of an irritable state, which in turn slows down the metabolism, which means it will be difficult to lose weight. For normal sleep, each person needs to sleep at least eight hours.

Do not refuse breastfeeding

Doctors recommend, there are such products; lean meat, fish, dairy products, soups, etc. All these products are dietary, and therefore contribute to weight loss. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone; and the baby will be well fed, and you will lose weight.

Do not stick to strict diets

Different mono diets are not for you, because neither you nor the baby will not receive the necessary substances and vitamins. It is best to eat often, but in small portions. Thanks to this you will not feel hungry. Especially it is not recommended to drink various teas and pills for weight loss.

Make the right diet

Eat regularly, do not skip meals, especially breakfast. Try to have your daily menu included vegetables and fruits. They can be consumed, both in fresh and cooked form, for example, ragout or saute. Just remember that citrus fruits can cause an allergy in a child. Drink recommended green or herbal tea, for example, tea from chamomile and nettle will improve lactation.

For breakfast, the ideal option is a porridge cooked on milk, vegetables and fruits. In the afternoon, you can prepare a vegetable soup, meat or fish for a couple. For a mid-morning snack drink a glass of yogurt or milk. Dinner should be easy, for example, salad, scrambled eggs and yogurt. Daily recommended, there is about 2,400 calories.

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