How often to feed a newborn baby?

The most frequently asked question for moms is how often to feed a newborn? The doctor will not respond with a specific number of feedings, experts recommend organizing baby food at will, namely, when he asks for it. Maternal milk quickly absorbed by the stomach, and the crumb may well require another portion of milk after only one and a half hours. If the baby sucks the breast within 8-12 times per day, then this is considered to be quite normal. Determine the exact number of feedings per 24 hours in the competence of the mother, based on the individual needs of their crumbs.

Regarding the duration of the meal, it also depends on the baby. For example, some babies eat quickly and with greed, respectively, the time for one feeding takes a little. Others, on the contrary, breastfeed slowly, demanding much more of my mother’s time for each feeding. The baby must be given exactly the amount of time it takes him to feel full.

To understand how often you need to feed the newborn, you need to know the main symptomatic manifestations of the need for feeding in crumbs. Namely, when he is just naughty, but when he really feels a feeling of hunger and needs to be applied to his chest.

It should be noted that at the first stage of life, newborns may show constant hunger and ask to be breastfed. Moreover, the interval can vary from one to several hours. Over time, the feeding regime is established, usually, it is every 2.5 – 4 hours.

Asking how often it is necessary to feed a newborn with breast milk, it should be noted that babies go through various stages of active development, as a result of which their feeding schedule may also change. When a baby goes through an active phase of growth, the appetite increases significantly, and during its decline, on the contrary, decreases. Active growth of the baby, as a rule, falls on the 7-10 day of life, 4 – 6th week, 12th week, 6th month. At these intervals, the baby requires the most nutrients and breastfeeding.

Considering the most topical issue, how often you can feed a newborn with breast milk, you should not worry that the constant amount of milk will not be supplied to the mother from constant feeding. The more a baby drinks breast milk, the greater its amount will be produced in the breast, and a woman will be able to feed the baby fully.

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