How easy do you get pregnant?

The age of women is an important factor. Pure biological reduces the woman’s fertility significantly after the age of 35. The woman carries on all her eggs already at birth. If the woman is 35 years old when her egg is 35 years old.

It is usually said that the chance of getting pregnant is around 25 percent each month if you try to get pregnant and have sex at about the right time – in ovulation.

Of the women who have children, about half have become pregnant during the first 2-3 months. 80 percent have become pregnant within 6 months and about 90 percent within 1 year.
For 5 percent, it takes over two years to get pregnant. The couples who do not get pregnant after 1-2 years usually seek help.

The result of a fertilized egg
Many fertilized eggs never lead to pregnancy and many pregnancies result in miscarriage so early that they have not been detected.

• 30 percent – The egg is never implanted.

• 20 percent – Preclinical miscarriage, ie miscarriage before pregnancy has been observed.

• 20 percent – Clinical miscarriage, ie the woman has been confirmed to have been pregnant.

• 30 percent – Continued pregnancy with a growing child.

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