Hormone and pregnancy

At the beginning of pregnancy, a lot of hormones are formed in the ovaries and pituitary gland, and later on in the placenta. It leads to changes in the pregnant’s body and can lead to pregnancy.

Sore breasts

The breast glands begin early during pregnancy to grow and develop in order to produce milk. The breasts grow bigger, buckle and sore like before. The nipple and the yard also grow and usually darken in the color.

Need to pee

At the beginning when the uterus begins to grow, it can press the bladder so that you feel kissed more often than otherwise. It can continue throughout your pregnancy.

The pregnancy’s right kidney expands during pregnancy because the uterus anatomically leans slightly to the right, and presses the ureter and kidney. For the most part, this does not cause any inconvenience, but some may get hurt, often behind the back and the flank. In case of persistent pain, contact your obstetrician’s department.


You may get increased relapses during the first part of your pregnancy and it is also common with more abundant, dull and uncontrolled relapses throughout the pregnancy. It is normal and is because the tissues in the vagina become more blood rich and more easily release fluid.

If you get an infection in your vagina, the move may become discolored or smell bad. Mushroom infection is a common condition during pregnancy. The move is then described as white, thick, often with irritating pruritus. The reason is often changed the pH of the vagina. If you have had easy to have fungal infections earlier, the inconvenience often returns during pregnancy. For infections and pruritus, you can buy prescription free of charge in the pharmacy, using preservatives and ointment. Fungal infection does not affect pregnancy, and is not harmful to the fetus. However, it may sometimes be very troublesome. If you have problems with discolored or smelly relics, or persistent fungal infections, contact MVC.


Heartburn is due to the acidic stomach content coming up in the throat. Avoid fatty, spicy or smoked foods as well as large amounts of coffee and large meals late in the evening. Eating small goals often seems to be a good rule for the inconvenience to diminish. Mineral water can relieve like almonds and nuts. There are also medicines for heartburn at the pharmacy.

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