Halva during pregnancy

Like every woman, you probably want to be pampered with sweets during pregnancy, while you do not want to gain weight or hurt your baby. Most sweets have in their composition additional components, non-natural origin, harming the body.

Do not be upset, give up the sweet at all, do not, there are sweets made only from natural products. For example, halva during pregnancy can please you with its taste qualities, and your body will receive an additional source of vitamins and trace elements.

Important! It is better to please yourself during pregnancy with natural sweetness in the form of halva than to eat chocolate, which contains a sufficient number of different emulsifiers and flavors.

Now the producers offer several different types and the only ingredient that is present in all these types is sunflower oil. There are such kinds of halva:


Healing sesame grains help support the body during viral ARVI and gives the female body, during pregnancy, valuable vitamins of group B, macronutrients of phosphorus and calcium, as well as the microelement of zinc.


The basis, in the form of sunflower seeds, helps enrich the body with vitamins B1, F1, PP. This vitamin set supports our skin from the appearance of fine wrinkles, helps strengthen hair on the head, improves the health of the whole body during pregnancy and protects the fetus from the aggression of free radicals.

Peanut butter;

Such a kind of delicacy can be advised to those who, during pregnancy, had problems with the nervous system. Peanuts help to calm down and give the body valuable PP, riboflavin and linoleic acid (hormone regulation, help with the development of the fetal organs).


Halva, which contains the least amount of calories from all listed. In turn, the content of vitamin D in it is large, which has a beneficial effect on the bone system and teeth. (Thanks to vitamin D, calcium is absorbed better).

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