Gynecological examination

All people are more or less shy, especially when showing their more intimate body parts for someone who does not know. But keep in mind that the gynecologist or midwife is trained and used to look at the intimate parts of his patients and does not think it’s embarrassing, it’s part of the job. Therefore, you do not need to feel your mind either. At the same time, the gynecologist or midwife is aware that many find it unpleasant, so the entire examination is carried out carefully and the patient always knows what to happen.

On whom is a gynecological survey conducted?

Some girls/women carry out their first gynecological examination when they want a spiral intake, come for control of cell samples or sampling for any sexually transmitted infection or during pregnancy. It may also be or because you have problems with bleeding, relocation or pain. Then you will get there if needed. You do not need to undergo any gynecological examination if you are healthy and have no inconvenience, and wish for other contraceptives than spiral (or sterilization).

How does a gynecological examination go?

During the examination you will find a “chair” that is provided with raised support for your knees or feet. To get up in the chair, sit on the edge and lean backwards. You can easily put your legs in support and the doctor/midwife can easily check.

The internal investigation

At the internal examination, the examiner puts one hand over the scalp and recognizes the other hand in the vagina with two fingers that reach the uterus. In this way you can examine the size, shape and texture of the uterus. The investigator then moves his hands toward both sides of the pelvis to examine the ovaries and on the sides of the uterus.

During the survey it is important to tell you how it feels and answer the investigator’s questions.

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