General strengthening massage for infants

A baby born in the world needs special careful care. Young parents who are worried about the baby developing properly will have to learn many things. One of such useful procedures is massage for newborns.

Massage for infants is recommended to do with 1 month of life, when the umbilical wound will heal. Until then, the mother can only stroke and lightly massage the individual parts of the body, for example, the hands and legs of the baby.

Massage the neck of the nursing baby very carefully, stretching and stroking only the muscles from the shoulders to the line of hair growth. There should be no impact on the spine! Perform both one and two hands, without weighting. Movement, as a rule, go to the center. In addition, babies make turns and head inclinations. Such massage is highly recommended for babies’ crooked, and is one way of getting rid of this fairly common ailment.

If a small man was struck by this ailment, then in addition to the medicamental treatment prescribed by a pediatrician, you can also use massage. He/she will ease the child’s condition, speed up recovery. You can do on the 3-5th day of the disease. Do not use at elevated body temperature!

Due to age, the baby can not expectorate mucus, and the correct actions of the masseur will help to get the phlegm from the lungs.

Plus this type of procedure is that the mother can conduct sessions on her own at home. This does not require special skills or special equipment.

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