Fitness for expectant mothers

Physical activity during pregnancy is necessary, this is a long-established fact, confirmed by doctors. But when choosing the type of exercise, the expectant mother should take into account the peculiarities of her position.

At the moment, every fitness club has offers for a variety of sports programs for pregnant women.

Aqua aerobics: This is the best physical preparation for childbirth for the most unprepared and not even able to swim moms. In water, all movements are soft, smooth, the shock is minimal, the body is in a state of weightlessness, active movements can alternate with complete relaxation. It’s just fun, stress relief, energy and well-being.

Respiratory gymnastics for pregnant women: This is a regular practice of breathing exercises, helping to cope with the pain in childbirth and to wisely spend the tardy period. Particular attention is paid to the practice of breathing in labor, working with pain with the help of various breathing techniques. Elements of yoga will help to open the chest and relax the body.

Yoga for pregnant women: The program of yoga for pregnant women is developed on the basis of the classical school of yoga, taking into account the physiological characteristics of the period of pregnancy. The program is suitable for any level of preparation and pregnancy. Specific loads vary with the length of pregnancy and physical condition.

For pregnant women, the uniqueness of the Pilates training method is the deep impact on the body and accessibility. Training improves the performance of the respiratory and lymphatic system, increases muscle tone, relieves stress from the waist.

The thorax expands and rises, posture improves. Simple exercises can restore a woman’s balance during pregnancy, a more flexible and strong body with improved coordination.

Postnatal recovery: An exercise for pregnant women, which will tell and show postnatal gymnastics a set of exercises, starting from the first day after childbirth, aimed at recovery after childbirth.

You can also go walking, swimming, gymnastics yourself.

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