First Trimester Examination

So, in the first trimester, the standard of examination includes a complete blood and urine test, a biochemical blood test, a syphilis test, viral hepatitis B and C, a human immunodeficiency virus (HIV), and a microscopic examination of the contents of the genital tract to identify inflammatory processes. Be sure to visit the dentist, otolaryngologist, surgeon and, of course, the therapist. The doctor must submit documents confirming the examination of your close relatives for tuberculosis (fluorography). You yourself during x-ray fluorography is not recommended. This study is necessary to conduct before pregnancy. As you can see, the survey is aimed at the detection of various diseases, especially of an infectious nature, therefore it should not be ignored in any way.

An important part of the diagnostic measures of the first trimester consists of studies aimed at identifying anomalies (defects) of fetal development. For this purpose, a pregnancy-related protein (PAPP-test) is determined in the blood and an ultrasound examination is performed within 10–12 weeks, when it is possible to detect indirect and direct signs of pathology in the fetus, assess the severity of defects and make an informed decision about the gestation of this pregnancy. Gender of the child in this period according to the ultrasound is still impossible to determine

If the pregnancy is proceeding normally, visits to the doctor can be no more than 1 time per month, but for each visit, it is necessary to do a urine test, and so the whole pregnancy. Treat this circumstance as an inescapable necessity, since this simple study, carried out on a regular basis, will allow you to suspect in your time that such frequent and dangerous complications of pregnancy as preeclampsia or preeclampsia are developing.

Some women in the process of examination identify symptoms or data that require additional diagnostic actions, for example, to identify a wider range of infections. Unfortunately, not all tests and diagnostic procedures are provided for by the standard and are funded from public sources, so the doctor is entitled to recommend you a test at your expense, but you are the last to decide this question.

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