First month of pregnancy

Some mothers feel their pregnancy from the earliest date and experience in the first month all the difficulties of future motherhood, while others, on the contrary, may not know about the first month of pregnancy at all.

Whatever sensations a woman has, a real full-scale reconstruction and the most important “building” are taking place inside her body a man appears from a pair of cells.

The most interesting question is what happens to the embryo in the first 30-40 days?

Although the child is still very small, it is now forming its main systems and organs. In the first days of pregnancy, a fertilized egg finds its right position inside the uterus and penetrates into its wall. After this, the placenta is formed during the first week, and then it strengthens for a few more weeks. During this period, the baby is most vulnerable to harmful effects from her mother’s bad habits.

Simultaneously with this process, the envelopes of the embryo begin to release the hormone chorionic gonadotropin, which will give a positive result in the pregnancy test through urine or blood.

The second week: Now his relationship with his mother is forming, which will become decisive for the next nine months the umbilical cord in its full-fledged form. Parallel to it, the first differentiated tissues appear: the child receives the first muscle cells, epithelial cells and cells of the future organs. Internal organs are planned, a “basis” for their subsequent growth appears. By the end of the week, the child will already have the spine in its initial state of the chord and the basis of the future nervous system.

To harm a child during this period means to predetermine serious congenital malformations in the future.

The third week: Gives the child what with such attention very soon will be viewed on the monitors the heart. It is still very small and not too correct from the point of view of anatomy, but it is already shrinking, as in adults. During the third week of pregnancy, a system of blood vessels is formed. The end of the first month is just the beginning of a long journey. At the very end of this period, the child has arms and legs, moreover, there are signs of the face, for example, the eye cavities are clearly marked.

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