Fetal movements during pregnancy

The most reverent, unforgettable feeling during pregnancy is the first long-awaited stir under the heart of a baby. When to expect it? What do periods of activity and rest mean? How to independently conduct a test of perturbations, and what research can confirm that the baby is all right?

Signs of a new life: Movement of the fetus

Positive pregnancy test, registration in the antenatal clinic, regular visits to the doctor… Everything is so new for you. But the strongest emotions will cause the first stirring of the child. The sensations are painless, still weak and indistinct, but so different: as if the fish in the stomach swam, or the butterfly fluttered in the palms. It is from this moment that the realization comes to you that a new life is growing inside.

In fact, the child begins to move from the 8th week. He already has the first muscle bundles and nerve fibers. It is still very small and, practically surrounded by the amniotic fluid, hardly touches the walls of the uterus. In the process of growth and development of the nervous system, its movements become more orderly. The baby reacts to external stimuli, touches the walls of the uterus. Then you feel the movement.

Degree of sensitivity

When does a child make itself known? It is believed that during the first pregnancy this occurs at 20 weeks, with the second one two weeks earlier. But the terms are approximate and depend on many reasons.

If you are an experienced mother, and similar sensations are familiar from past pregnancies, you will recognize them before. High susceptibility and slender girls. A woman with a weight “feel the first movement prevents subcutaneous fat tissue, and sometimes she takes them for the features of intestinal motility.

Not the last role played by the placenta. If it is located on the front wall of the uterus, the movements of the baby will become apparent to you later.

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