Estrogen-free pill

Cerazette, just like mini-pills, contains only carotid hormone, gestagen and no estrogen. However, the gestagen content is higher than it is in mini pills, why the name between the pills would fit better.

Like the mini-pills, the secretion of the vagina, uterus and ovary affects the sperms that pass through the uterus. In addition, ovulation is prevented in the vast majority of people using Cerazette. This means that the safety is higher for Cerazette compared to mini pills. The method is about as safe as combined birth control pills, ie less than 1 in 100 women who use Cerazette for one year become pregnant.

How is Cerazette used?

One tablet is taken daily without any breakdown. It is important not to forget any pills but it is less sensitive to the exact time than using mini pills.

If you forget any pills, you may be pregnant and other protection, for example, a condom should be used. It may also be advisable to take an emergency pill. Talk to your midwife or gynecologist.

Can anyone use Cerazette?

Most people can use gestagen methods, but in some cases the pills may have a worse effect, for example, if you have other medicines or are heavily overweight. A midwife or doctor will print Cerazette for you after discussing your situation.

What benefits are Cerazette?

Cerazette can be used by women who can not use combined methods due to the risk of blood clots, for example.

What are the disadvantages of Cerazette?

The most common reason for women ending the method is irregular bleeding. Some people do not get any while at all while some get splashes of blood every now and then spottings.

Cerazette does not protect against sexually transmitted infections and condoms should always be used for temporary sexual contacts.

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