Effect of X-rays on pregnancy

The effect of X-rays on pregnancy is a topic of concern to expectant mothers, because you want to protect yourself and your baby from harmful effects.

Is x-rays harmful during pregnancy? What to do, if you suddenly needed to do an X-ray, and you are waiting for the baby?

X-ray is a method of medical examination, built on the projection of X-rays on a special film or paper. This method is widely used if it is necessary to assess the condition of internal organs, bones, ligaments and joints.

The RT scan is done very quickly and does not require any special training from the subject.

However, during pregnancy, the X-ray is not recommended , since X-rays can cause minor changes in the cells of the body. For an adult who has already formed all organs and systems, this effect is not dangerous (in small doses).

It’s quite another thing when it comes to an embryo (as the baby is called at a small gestation period); the baby’s cells are actively divisible and all organ systems are formed, so exposure to X-rays even in small doses can affect the baby and lead to undesirable consequences.

That is why when examining women in the X-ray room, the fact of pregnancy is always specified.

But what if the X-ray during pregnancy is still necessary for life reasons? None of us is immune from falls, injuries, bruises and toothache. And, of course, we do not choose when to happen such an event.

Try to spend as much time as possible in the X-ray room. This means that you need to clearly and promptly follow all the doctor’s instructions so that the pictures are clear and the procedure does not have to be repeated.

Be sure to use all possible protective equipment that is provided in the X-ray room.

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