Ectopic pregnancy in the early stages

Under ectopic pregnancy, specialist doctors imply a serious pathology of pregnancy, as a result of which a fertilized egg is attached not to the uterine cavity, but outside it. In the vast majority of cases, it is dangerous for a woman, and the fetus itself is not viable. What are the causes and signs of this problem? How to treat it and can you save the baby?

What is ectopic pregnancy?

Ectopic pregnancy is the attachment and development of a fertilized egg outside the uterus. In the overwhelming majority of cases, it is localized in the fallopian tubes, only occasionally fixed in the ovaries or abdominal cavity. This condition is an unequivocal pathology, which, after detection, requires qualified medical care.

The most important task of gynecologists, specializing in servicing women in an interesting position, is the timely determination of ectopic pregnancy in the early stages of fetal development. It is then that the chances of a successful outcome for a woman are as high as possible. The later pathology will be detected, the more likely the occurrence of serious complications, up to a lethal outcome.

As shown by modern medical statistics, the above-described problem appears on average in 2 percent of future women in labor. In 99 percent of the cases out of 100, the prescription of a medical consultation means an abortion with the greatest precautions .

The main cause of pregnancy of this type is a blockage of the uterine tube or a violation of its rhythmic contractions. This, no doubt, a dangerous condition occurs only when a fertilized egg can not enter the uterus, most often remaining in the tube (up to 98 percent of cases), less often in the rudimentary horn, ovaries or abdominal cavity. In the latter versions, the future fetus is ejected from the fallopian tube, but in the opposite direction. It should be understood that outside the uterine cavity there are no necessary conditions for the preservation and development of the embryo, and the ectopic pregnancy itself leads to serious complications.

Why is there such a blockage or a reverse ejection of the fetus? The modern medicine has not yet established the exact causes, but it was able to find the patterns with the risk factors that most often accompany the pathology.

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