Dopplerography during pregnancy

Doppler ultrasound is a technique built on the use of the Doppler effect, a study that can provide detailed information about moving objects or parts thereof.

In the field of pregnancy research, Doppler ultrasound is used for the most objective and complete investigation of fetal blood flow, placenta and the mother with obtaining detailed information on the state of the blood vessels of their patency, the efficiency of the heart.

The main objective of the study using Doppler ultrasound is to compile a detailed picture of the functioning of the circulatory system. The circulatory system is the basis for the developing baby’s body, because it reflects the complete information about the fetus, the speed of its development, possible problems or deviations during development.

In most cases, the future mother can just make sure of the excellent condition of her baby.

The study is currently assigned to all pregnant women at 33-34 weeks as a routine checkup. However, he can be appointed earlier, for example at 22-24 weeks, even if he has the slightest suspicion.

According to the principle of the US Doppler ultrasound is similar to conventional ultrasound. Different ways of interpreting the data obtained, the hardware part responsible for obtaining these data. Therefore, it can be quite definitely safe for the future mother.

With the help of dopplerometry, it is possible to accurately and timely establish hypoxia and take action even before the child is threatened, or to minimize the negative consequences.

A study of Doppler ultrasound does not carry any danger to the mother and child. As in the case of conventional ultrasound, the effect of ultrasound during the time of the study is small enough to have significant consequences. But the results provide the most complete and detailed information, allowing you to assess the dynamics of the child’s development and take all necessary measures in case of problems.

Until now, a study has been carried out on the safety of ultrasound studies, especially considering that for Doppler ultrasound a greater power of the radiators is needed.

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