Depression after childbirth

Depression after childbirth is an emotional disorder that has experienced a large number of mothers. Instead of feeling constant happiness from the appearance of a baby, women often experience symptoms of postpartum depression.

According to the doctors about 2 women out of 1000 are treated with such manifestations, most often they are primiparas. But in fact, depression is much more common, just not all mummies turn to specialists for help.

The disease can proceed as a mild sadness, but in 10% of cases there is a heavy current with depression and a lack of interest in life. Depression after childbirth can begin at any time from a week to several months after the baby’s birth.

But how many can last postpartum depression in you, no one will say for sure. This interval can vary from a few days to two weeks after delivery. But in the absence of treatment, it can last for more than a year.

In some cases, depression is confused with postpartum psychosis. This condition is more serious, threatening the health and life of both mother and child. It is urgent to see a doctor.

Until the end, the causes of postpartum depression have not been established, and many psychological and physical factors contribute to the disease. During pregnancy and childbirth, a variety of changes in the work of the female body are carried out. The volume and blood pressure fluctuate, the metabolism and the functioning of the immune system change. The level of hormones of the thyroid gland, progesterone and estrogen after delivery significantly decreases.

All this affects the general state of a woman and her worldview. According to statistics, the separation of mother and child also contributes to a psychological disorder.

Often, changing the way of life greatly affects the emotional state of a woman; chronic lack of sleep, lack of free time, change in sexual relations with her husband.

It is also noted that mothers who have financial difficulties and feeding problems who do not have support from a partner are more likely to suffer from depression after childbirth.

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