Cramps in the legs during pregnancy

Indeed, cramps in the legs are a fairly common phenomenon in pregnant women. Cramps appear in the form of a sharp contraction of the muscle. It suddenly contracts strongly and stiffens in this state. If you try to feel the place that cramps, you will find a seal under the skin.

Know! Usually convulsive contractions roll up suddenly. In this case, there is a piercing pain. Most often, spasms of gastrocnemius muscles occur. During such a spasm you can not move your foot, because the slightest movement will be painful. When the cramp reduces the muscles of the leg, the foot straightens and stretches forward.

It is noticed that basically reduces legs during pregnancy at night or during the daytime rest. Spasm can appear at the moment when you begin to fall asleep or immediately after you wake up.

Bearing a child is a very difficult period for a woman. You experience an increased strain on the legs and the whole body.

It is not surprising that in this situation the organism often “fails”. The appearance of seizures during pregnancy is not a good sign. They do not carry a direct threat to your health, but they point to the violations that have appeared in the work of the bodies.

One should not think that convulsions are a temporary phenomenon that will soon pass by itself. If you do not take any measures, then such spasms can spread to the muscles of the uterus. And this is a real threat of premature birth!

Therefore, if you are reducing calves in pregnancy, you should immediately seek advice from your doctor. He will help to establish the cause of the appearance of seizures and prescribe treatment.

To determine the causes of seizures, it is recommended to take a blood test and consult with an endocrinologist, neuropathologist and therapist.

If none of the above reasons can be confirmed, you should conduct a complete examination to identify internal diseases or other complications of pregnancy.

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