Cough syrup during pregnancy

During pregnancy, we dont want to take extra medicine, so as not to harm the baby. However, there are such conditions that the medicine is simply necessary. One such condition is a cough.

You probably know such an unpleasant symptom as a cough. It appears as a result of inflammatory diseases of the pharynx, bronchi or lungs. If in this inflammation the mucous membrane produces a lot of fluid, sputum forms then you are troubled by a wet cough.

With each disease a special cough is formed, by its nature one can already assume which pathology you have. To treat such a condition can be in many ways drugs, physiotherapy, home remedies. From drugs use pills, solutions and syrups.

Why do you prefer to use syrup? Consider all dosage forms in comparison.

Tablets are convenient enough. However, almost all tableted medicines can cause stomach irritation. And during pregnancy, you probably notice heartburn.

Solutions for ingestion are less aggressive for the gastric mucosa than tablets. However, in the majority, they have not absolutely pleasant taste. In addition, not all cough medicines are available in the form of solutions.

Syrups are usually produced for children. However, you can take them to you, only in a larger dosage. Virtually all medicines have the form of a syrup release. All the preparations have pleasant fruit flavors, and it will be easy to drink them.

To understand the permitted and prohibited drugs will help you with the instruction, where always indicated indications and contraindications to taking the medicine. All preparations contain sugar, therefore they can not be used by you if you suffer from diabetes mellitus.

It should be remembered! If you take a cough medicine long enough, and there is no improvement in your health, then this drug does not suit you. You need to either replace it with another one, or get a specialist consultation.

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