Constipation in pregnancy

Many pregnant people experience during pregnancy that they, to a greater or lesser extent, become constipated. Because bowel function is important for well-being, constipation can be very disturbing.

During pregnancy, it is more important than to think about their eating habits, as the digestion of the intestines is affected by hormones.

There are more female sex hormones produced when you become pregnant. These hormones are designed to ensure that you remain pregnant. Through the autonomic nervous system, these hormones also lower the rate of movement and activity of the intestine.

There must be enough fiber and fluid to allow a bowel to function optimally. Fiber and fluid ensure that the intestine is kept running. It is therefore important to get this during pregnancy, as the intestine must be stimulated more than usual.

Drink when you feel thirsty. When constipation, it is advisable to drink a little extra. It is good to drink water, but herbal tea and fruit juice may be suitable complement (black tea and coffee should be avoided as they are liquid-driving).

It is important that the feces are fairly soft if the intestines are going to work well. Fibers absorb liquid from the intestine. If there is insufficient fluid in the body, the feces will become hard and will result in bowel movements worse because of this, the digestion may stop. By drinking properly, you make sure that digestion is facilitated.

The movement when exercising stimulates the intestine – when you move, you massage your intestine. This “massage” stimulates the intestine to move more and thus contribute to a better digestion. Going 20-30 minutes a day can improve your digestion. Even swimming once a week is good for keeping the whole body running. Touching is also important to feel good and to keep going up to childbirth.

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