Constipation during pregnancy

Disruption of the intestine during pregnancy is a common phenomenon, and often it begins to torment a woman in the first trimester.

The causes, consequences, and prevention of constipation may be different, but every pregnant woman should know about them in order to learn how to monitor the work of this body and not allow disorders.

Constipation often accompanies pregnancy, after birth, most women stop dealing with them. But one should not perceive an irregular chair simply as a result of pregnancy, it should be treated, prevented and monitored.

Is constipation dangerous during pregnancy?

Constipation during pregnancy is extremely dangerous since it affects not only the mother’s body, but it can also affect the fetus.

Poisonous food decay products remain in the body, absorbed through its walls and can affect the health of the mother and fetus. In the large intestine during constipation, there may be about 36 kinds of harmful substances.

Irregular microflora of the mother’s intestines can cause hereditary diseases of this organ in the child.

Stiffness and flatulence can cause the tone of the uterus

Pain and heaviness during constipation cause constant discomfort, which the pregnant woman has to endure. This leads to stress and anxiety.

If constipation during pregnancy is observed regularly, then the consequences are unlikely to be avoided.

Constipation can provoke the appearance of hemorrhoids, which is not easy to cure, especially during pregnancy. The consequence may be an increased tone of the uterus, the threat of miscarriage or premature birth.

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