Condyloma in pregnancy

Condylomata in women refer to inflammatory pathologies caused by the negative impact of viruses.

Their presence increases the likelihood of developing cervical cancer, so it is important to detect condylomas in a timely manner and begin treatment, especially during pregnancy, when there is a risk of infection of the fetus and complications of childbirth.

Formations are warts, similar in color to the skin. Areas of localization of the condylomas the anus and the genitals, on the other parts of the body the pathological process develops much less often.

After a series of studies, scientists came to the conclusion that the appearance of genital warts is due to the presence of the human papillomavirus in the body.
The presence of DNA-containing virus, a woman can not guess for a long time.

According to statistics, the virus of papilloma is found in 15-30% of women and in many cases does not manifest itself until a certain time.

The human papilloma virus lives on the mucous membranes, is present in the urine and saliva.

Symptoms of infection usually appear within 3 months, but often the process is asymptomatic .

Infection is most likely at the age of 17 to 33 years, the peak falls on 20-25 years. The probability of the development of pathology increases with the management of promiscuous sexual life and frequent change of partners.

Formations can have different sizes and shapes. Most often, these are outgrowths from a few millimeters to several centimeters of gray or pink hue.

In the early stages of the disease, condylomas are separately located warts, but eventually, in the absence of competent medical care, the formations grow and merge with each other, forming extensive affected areas.

If pathological warts in women expand and merge, there is a characteristic symptom is a discharge with an unpleasant odor from the formations.

When grazing the outgrowth with clothing and injury during sexual intercourse, inflammations and irritations appear on the skin, causing women considerable discomfort.

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