Choosing a bra for pregnant women

Pregnancy is a special period in a woman’s life when the body is reconstructed, there are significant changes in it. This also applies to the mammary glands, which increase noticeably. The breast becomes larger, touching it causes painful sensations. In order to minimize various unpleasant phenomena, to avoid unwanted stretch marks, pregnant women are recommended to wear specialized lingerie.

What is a brassiere for pregnant women and how to choose it? First of all, it is sewn so that the ever-increasing mammary glands do not experience discomfort. After all, during pregnancy, the breast can not increase several sizes, and this should be provided for by the design of the bra. Another important detail: in the manufacture of bras for pregnant women should be used only natural fabrics, such as cotton and linen, for example. Synthetic tissues can provoke irritation and the appearance of cracks in the nipples.

Among the bras for pregnant women can be identified supportive, which are designed to provide additional breast support at the maximum level of comfort. They should have wide straps and be deep enough. There are bras for pregnant women and with narrow straps, which, perhaps, will be more familiar to you. But you should understand that they still meet all the requirements to a lesser degree, and you will feel it very soon. Support for breast at night should provide bras for sleep, which can come in handy and after childbirth, as some women during breastfeeding are particularly sensitive in the nipples. Perfectly suitable for use in the daytime and at night, special topics that provide the necessary support for the breast and the preservation of its shape.

Even if you made the right choice of the model and it meets all the necessary requirements, you will not be provided with the necessary comfort, in case of an error with the determination of the size of the bra. He should never pull his chest together. This should be noted during the fitting; you should feel free. But also to buy it “for growth” is also not recommended; you will not get the necessary level of breast maintenance.

It is best to choose a multifunctional bra. In particular, the model with a buckle from the front will be very helpful in the period of breastfeeding.

We hope, taking into account our recommendations and a wide range of products, you can make the right choice.

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