Cholecystitis in pregnancy

Health is a valuable and irreplaceable thing for every person. No wealth can compare with a healthy body. But often it happens that we are overcome by disease.

Cholecystitis is an unpleasant disease that every woman can face. During pregnancy, you need to know how to treat the disease properly, so as not to harm your health.

Cholecystitis is an inflammation and irritation of the gallbladder. If there is a problem with the outflow of bile, it collects in the gallbladder, which provokes its irritation; infections develop and pain appears.

The disease affects more often women than men, this is due to the difference in the structure of the genitourinary system. The main risk group for women is over 35 years of age.

The main and first symptom of the ailment is pain. It can be of different types; sharp, aching, squeezing, tingling.

The place of pain localization the right side, under the ribs, sometimes drops below.

In addition to pain, a feeling of heaviness appears. When heavy food is used (fatty, fried, salty), the pain is intensified and manifested by attacks.

Pregnancy is one of the causes of the occurrence of cholecystitis or exacerbation of its chronic form. Violated motor function of the gallbladder, weakened by its musculature, this is the cause of the disease in pregnant women.

In the first trimester, the disease does not manifest itself particularly if the woman has a healthy way of life.

But in the second and third trimester, the disease can become acute, since there is an additional burden on the organs (fetal growth). Most often it develops in the third trimester.

The disease is characterized by pain, especially after eating and changing the position of the body. Body temperature may increase.

If in time to diagnose and take correct measures, then the disease will not hurt either mom or baby.

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