Causes of allergies in children

For those who are eager to spend all their time on treating the heir from dermatitis, bronchitis and wants to fight with Quincke’s edema, the 5 most effective ways to turn a beloved child into an allergic person.

Scientists claim that allergies are born. No, of course, if you try very hard, to earn an allergy from scratch, without having a genetic predisposition, you can still. Moreover, many parents do it without difficulty.

According to official statistics, every fourth inhabitant of the planet suffers various forms of allergy. And in the case when this is the fourth you yourself (and more often it is better and the father of your child), the chances of finding an allergy in your child significantly increase.

But even if allergies are lost somewhere in the root system of your ancestral tree, there is still hope. However, here it is necessary to work. To the pleasure of aspirants, note, you have secret well-wishers

A day and a half over the task of destroying the biocenosis work billions of enterprises of light and heavy industry. Foods scrupulously saturate appetizing products with dyes, fragrances, hydrogenated fats, and products of genetic engineering. So, if you really want to get an allergy to the family circle, you will get it using only 5 simple examples!

In the very near future, you will provoke or, if there are genetic prerequisites, successfully develop a food allergy an organism’s intolerance to one or another type of food.

And although this is the most common type of allergy, there is an opinion that, supposedly, trifles, the matter of everyday life, will pass with years, do not expect. It is not always so. For example, intolerance to honey, nuts, citrus fruits, and fish remains with us for life. In addition, if you consider the appearance of food allergies in a child without proper attention, in the near future, it may be added some more form of this ailment.

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