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Increased nutritional needs for pregnant women

It is therefore advisable to prioritize nutritious foods that contain high nutrition per calorie, and do not eat too much sweets, junk food and snacks. It does, as you know, know a lot of calories but some other nutrients. As in other situations in life, a balanced and varied diet is the best. However, during

Advices on nutrition during pregnancy

In conditions of severe environmental conditions and stressful lifestyle, a balanced diet is of particular importance for a modern pregnant woman. Every day she must receive all the necessary substances, vitamins and trace elements. Protein First of all, the future mother needs protein. Amino acids, which are part of the protein, are the “building blocks”

What you can eat after giving birth?

The leading pregnancy obstetrician-gynecologist recommends that a woman in the period of bearing a fetus consume only natural (fresh) foods with an impressive amount of vitamins and microelements. The future mother is advised to refrain from fried, salty, spicy food, do not abuse bakery products and sweets. Is it necessary to adhere to these recommendations

Halva during pregnancy

Like every woman, you probably want to be pampered with sweets during pregnancy, while you do not want to gain weight or hurt your baby. Most sweets have in their composition additional components, non-natural origin, harming the body. Do not be upset, give up the sweet at all, do not, there are sweets made only