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Unplanned pregnant

You may become pregnant during your very first intercourse, if your contraceptives fail, for example if the condom breaks or if you forget to take birth control pills. To get on if you are pregnant you can take a urine sample and have this checked. If the test shows positive results, you are pregnant. This

Temperature method for measuring ovulation

The temperature method used to reach ovulation can be a natural method for preventing pregnancy, but perhaps mainly to be able to figure out when you have the greatest chance of getting pregnant. Temperature increase in ovulation The temperature rises from 0.3 to a half degree during the day after ovulation. In this way you

What is Infertility?

Obtaining children experiences many of course. But it’s not everyone who can have children. Both physiological and psychological barriers can result in involuntary childlessness. Not being able to get a child you want to awaken strong feelings, many feel powerless, sad and angry. But there is help getting, the most important thing is to start

One-sided twins and two-legged twins

Single fertilization means that a sperm fertilizes an egg which then divides and causes two embryos, twins. The two children have the same legacy and are genetically completely alike. Of course, they always have the same sex. If the egg is split early, already during the first three to four days after conception, even one-legged

The child’s gender and eye color

There is much that is determined at the moment of conception. The sperm determines if the fertilized egg is to grow into a boy or a girl. But for the color of the eyes, an attack is made by both the mother and the father. At the gathering, about 500 million sperm is thrown against