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Arrange a babyshower

A “babyshower” is a perfect opportunity for a prospective parent to hang out with his friends before all focuses on diaper change, breastfeeding and fit. Traditional or modern babyshower? The tradition of organizing a baby show comes from the United States. Originally, the aim was that the older, experienced women would share knowledge and tips

How to prepare the breast for breastfeeding?

The question of breastfeeding worries every pregnant woman, especially if she is waiting for the first child. The benefits of breastfeeding today are obvious, proven and clearly communicated to the public, and now the expectant mother is constantly worried is there enough milk? Will this milk be fatty enough? Will the baby like it? Much

How often to feed a newborn baby?

The most frequently asked question for moms is how often to feed a newborn? The doctor will not respond with a specific number of feedings, experts recommend organizing baby food at will, namely, when he asks for it. Maternal milk quickly absorbed by the stomach, and the crumb may well require another portion of milk

How to understand if baby has enough breast milk?

For each mother, one of the immediate problems and the main questions is how to understand if the baby has enough breast milk? Perhaps the baby does not get enough and it should be finished feeding the mixture? He behaves restlessly, naughty, maybe this is the case when he is hungry? It should be noted

Main features of the child’s development

In the first 10 months of the baby, the baby becomes a small person. Moves independently on foot, on foot. He tries to eat with a spoon, enjoys games, joking fuss. Demonstrates his own opinion, habits, highlights his favorite toys. Harmonious development of the child in 10 months implies a set of motor reactions, certain