Carefully prepare for pregnancy

The birth of a child is a very significant event for any family, for all parents without exception. Therefore, it is necessary that both parents carefully prepare for this particular condition, which is pregnancy, and the difficult but pleasant period that follows it. Preparation for pregnancy is the first step to its successful completion!

Healthy parents have a healthy child

The organism of a new man is born and develops only from two cells, one of which he receives from his father (sperm cell), and the second from the mother (egg cell). And that is why it is very important that these cells are completely healthy. Hidden diseases, harmful production conditions in which you work (a couple of solvents, gasoline), bad habits, neglect of personal hygiene all of the above may have a negative impact on the unborn child. Parents should plan on this before the planned conception of the baby. Do not forget that pregnancy is a very significant and important period in the life of both the woman and your future baby. From the very course of pregnancy depends on the health of both in the future.

Often, men forget about such an important fact that two people participate in the conception of a future child. Because of this, the entire responsibility for arising violations in the development of the fetus rests with the mother. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination together to fully ensure that future parents are healthy, and if latent diseases are discovered, they should undergo a course of treatment if necessary. Almost always, a pregnant woman is checked whether she is sick with syphilis, fungal diseases, gonorrhea, if she is a carrier of viral hepatitis, HIV infections, and they conduct a number of other studies and tests.

But what about the man? After all, he, too, can have hereditary diseases, he can be a carrier of infectious or other diseases with which he can infect his partner, and this is an extremely serious threat to the unborn child. Moreover, there are such diseases that may be asymptomatic.

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