Can pregnant women listen to horror stories?

During pregnancy, some women have a desire to retire, isolate themselves from the outside world and limit contact with them. Other expectant mothers need communication: they want to share, talk about their pregnancy, discuss their new condition with friends and relatives. However, it often happens that relatives and friends, as if on purpose, suddenly begin to tell “horror stories” on the topic of childbirth and pregnancy, and sometimes they simply get out with unnecessary questions. What to do with it?

Moms and Grandmas

As a rule, mothers and grandmothers people with great life experience, who love us and worry about us more than anyone else. They often love us not in the way we want, but in the way we can, as it seems to them correctly, in order to protect us more. Therefore, when trying to control the situation, they can tell “horror stories”, which creates the illusion of control. This is their unconstructive way to cope with their own pain and fears, fears for the dearest and dear person their child or granddaughter. That is, telling something negative about pregnancy and childbirth, mothers and grandmothers reduce the level of their anxiety.

How to communicate? The main thing to try to hear the true love that stands behind the words of fear and anxiety. In this case, the following phrases might be appropriate: “Are you worried about me? You say that to save me? Thank you!”. For mothers and grandmothers, this can be a revelation, after all, it does not even occur to them that they tell their horror stories. And therefore often in response tears of gratitude and words of love (often mutual) arise and this makes you dearer and closer.

“Horror stories” are sometimes missed, but what should not be done is to ignore the narrator. Firstly, because in this case, he will feel unheard, which means that he will return to them again; secondly, the one that is “ignored” can be offended. Both are not the best way to keep in touch with the person you value.

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