Can I take sleeping pills during pregnancy?

Currently, there is not a single sleeping pill that would be considered completely safe for pregnant women. There has not been a single study in the world that would prove that taking any sleeping pill does not affect the fetus, because no such studies were performed on pregnant women. Therefore, it is best to generally refrain from taking sleeping pills during pregnancy!

There are also a number of hypnotic drugs that are absolutely contraindicated for pregnant women since studies conducted on pregnant animals revealed the negative effect of these drugs on the fetus.

If you take sleeping pills and find out that you have become pregnant, then you should stop using them! Sleeping pills are addictive, and if you continue to drink them, your child will become addicted to these drugs in your womb, and after birth, he will need a course of therapy to remove this addiction. Also in newborns whose mothers, while pregnant, regularly used sleeping pills, suffer from problems with bilirubin metabolism (which can lead to jaundice or even brain damage), and in the future, such children will experience mental retardation.

By the way, taking new-generation drugs such as Ambien is not recommended for long-term use even by non-pregnant women! Instead of taking sleeping pills during pregnancy, use non-drug ways to get rid of insomnia empty your bladder before bedtime, put pillows around yourself, read a book or have a snack so you don’t wake up from feeling hungry. After that, you can safely return to bed and, most likely, you will fall asleep safely without any pills!

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