Breathing during childbirth

Breathing and relaxation belong together. Knowing good breathing techniques and being able to use them at the right time helps you to cope with the pain associated with the pain. It may even cause you to avoid taking pain relief during childbirth.

With a good breathing technique, the worry reduces, oxygenation improves and you become more active and active during childbirth. Endorphins are released and the secretion of the stress hormone cortisol decreases, creating a calm and seemingly relaxing.

The preparations are absolutely crucial. Start breathing exercises approximately 10-15 minutes a day already during the second trimester. You can get inspiration for exercises on eg. parenting courses, prophylaxis courses and workshops or in yoga and guided meditation.

Easy breathing as an alternative during early childbirth

Even light breathing can be used during early childbirth or when deep breathing no longer has a relaxing effect.

1. Take a deep cleansing breath (breathe in deep and slowly through the nose and out of the mouth) when the pain begins.

2. Increase the pace of breathing when the cure culminates by breathing faster. Breathe in and out through the mouth with a light, superficial breath. Something like a little breath.

3. Return to normal or slow deep breath again.

Varied breathing during the transition phase

The stage when the uterus opens from 8 to 10 cm is called the transition phase and involves a transition to the second stage of childbirth. This is the most intense part of the work of pain. The wings are usually extremely strong and last approximately 2.5-3 minutes. It is also the phase of birth that goes fastest.

1. Start with a cleansing breath.

2. Breathe in and try to shape the sound “hii” three times and then a long “hoo” sound when breathing out.

3. When the pain decreases, return to the purifying breath.

4. Return to normal or slow deep breathing again.

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