Breast in early pregnancy

Most women who want to become pregnant, note that one of the signs of pregnancy is the chest, which becomes very sensitive.

And is there always an increased sensitivity of the breast that can indicate pregnancy?

Changes in the breast are often one of the first signs of pregnancy.

You can note for yourself that the breast is swollen and has become very sensitive. Sometimes it happens that any contact with clothes causes unpleasant sensations to such a degree the breast becomes sensitive.

If you have never experienced such feelings before, then most likely you are really pregnant. However, you can definitely answer this question by submitting a blood test for pregnancy.

This analysis will literally within an hour determine the level of hCG (pregnancy hormone in your blood).

Breast in the early stages of pregnancy becomes more elastic, its sensitivity is increased and, of course, increases in size.

All these changes are associated with pregnancy hormones that prepare the body for maternity. The breast, as well as the whole body, is being reconstructed and is preparing for an important and responsible mission feeding the baby.

However, in some women, the breast undergoes such changes always, in every menstrual cycle. Again, the fault is female hormones. Therefore, if you previously experienced changes in the breast before menstruation, in your case, changes in the breast may not necessarily be associated with the pregnancy, it is likely that the body is preparing for the next critical days.

Sometimes one of the changes in the breast in the early stages of pregnancy is the allocation of colostrum. It is a nutritious liquid for a newborn baby, which contains a lot of immunoglobulins and nutrients.

In order to keep your breasts beautiful during pregnancy and avoid stretch marks that can appear due to rapid breast growth, use special creams against stretch marks and try to take a contrast shower to strengthen the vessels.

Take care of yourself, buy the right and comfortable underwear, use special tools and your breasts will remain beautiful and after pregnancy!

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