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Everything about diapers

Why do you need a diaper bucket? What diaper bucket should you buy? Which diaper bucket is best? Many questions appear for new parents. Here you will find everything you will ever need to know about diapers. When you become a parent for the first time, there are a lot of questions and thoughts and

Constipation in pregnancy

Many pregnant people experience during pregnancy that they, to a greater or lesser extent, become constipated. Because bowel function is important for well-being, constipation can be very disturbing. During pregnancy, it is more important than to think about their eating habits, as the digestion of the intestines is affected by hormones. There are more female

Obesity in pregnancy increases the risk of malformation

In today’s overweight debate, much is talking about the rising figure of obese children in Sweden. What, on the other hand, has not been observed enough is that the overweight problem can start even before the children are born. Now scientists and doctors pay attention to obesity in pregnancy are becoming more common and can

Scrape of the uterus

An obstetric scrape (scrape of the uterus), also called vacumexaeres, is an extraction of a pregnancy or ester of a pregnancy performed during anesthesia or anesthesia. Pregnant women who have had a miscarriage or women who want a provoked abortion before the twelfth week of pregnancy. After a miscarriage, the doctor assesses the amount of

What is miscarriage?

Missing means that a pregnancy is interrupted involuntarily so early that the fetus can not survive. This usually happens before the 12th week of pregnancy. All women run the risk that pregnancy ends with miscarriage. You are doing a gynecological examination to determine whether bleeding comes from the uterus, cervix or vagina. The doctor will