Arrange a babyshower

A “babyshower” is a perfect opportunity for a prospective parent to hang out with his friends before all focuses on diaper change, breastfeeding and fit.

Traditional or modern babyshower?

The tradition of organizing a baby show comes from the United States. Originally, the aim was that the older, experienced women would share knowledge and tips for the younger ones, but today it is more about celebrating a child’s journey.

Today, it does not necessarily have to be girlfriends and relatives women who meet at a babyshower. And, of course, the partner who does not carry the baby can have his own baby show a good start to the challenge of becoming a parent. Or you simply have a common cold, you future parents.

Just like all the festivities, you can make a babyshower just anyway!

Gifts or not

An important ingredient is, according to the tradition, to present presents to the prospective parent or parents. The name babyshower specifically refers to the parents being given a “shower” of useful and fun things to the future family member. Getting all the baby things yourself can be quite expensive.

As a prospective parent you will get lots of fun stuff you either had to buy anyway or never buy yourself. And as a friend, you get the perfect opportunity to actually shop that cute thing you’ve been looking forward to in the stores. Gifts usually open when everyone is gathered, so everyone can be inspired and delighted.

Buying gadgets, however, is not a must. A babyshower is mostly about meeting and socializing, eating good food and talking to children. Perhaps an appointment for the baby is a fully sufficient gift in itself.

Who fixes the kalas?

As you, as a prospective parent, you often have a lot to think about, it may be nice to not have to arrange the calendars yourself. Ask a cousin, cousin or mate if they can plan to fix this. And feel priviliged if you are asked to arrange a baby shower!

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