Aquafitness during pregnancy

It does not matter what kind of aquafitness you choose, whether it will be swimming, diving or aqua aerobics, or maybe a combination of all of the above, which, by the way, will be the best combination, it is important what effect water and training in it have on the body and well-being of you and your baby.

Decreases (almost completely) the effect of gravity, in the water we are as if in weightlessness. Performing exercises without feeling your weight is much more convenient and easier, besides, to maintain the desired position of the body will have to stretch the muscles-corsets, so important for maintaining the beautiful, correct posture throughout the entire exercise.

Taking into account the weightlessness factor, I emphasize the following positive point is an extensive choice of initial assumptions, and the exercise itself is almost unlimited. For example, in the hall, starting from the 2nd trimester, exercises from lying on the stomach and on the back, as well as some others, are excluded from the water in the same way! Any options are possible (except that the exercises for the press are slightly different), even upside down, the main thing is that neither you nor your baby will feel discomfort.

There is no shock load on the joints (spine, knee joints, ankles, etc.). If you are doing aqua aerobics in a deep pool or swimming, then there is no shock load at all. The situation with “shallow” water is a little different when jumping, running and some other exercises, the shock load is present to a small extent. Therefore, I recommend wearing aqua aerobics in shallow water for special watercourses – they will not allow the feet to fall against the bottom of the pool and prevent overloading of the gastrocnemius muscles.

Improves blood circulation and lymph flow. Again, due to the lack of gravity, the heart and blood vessels work in the “optimal” mode and are not overloaded, pumping blood from the bottom up (ie from the legs to the heart), which is very important, because there is no risk of varicose veins, even, on the contrary, training in water is the prevention of this disease.

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