Allergy and Pregnancy

In a modern world, even a healthy person is not always able to maintain health and strength. And for a pregnant woman, this is even more difficult, because the body has to work for two.

In addition, if the previous century was recognized as the century of cardiovascular disease, then our age will become a century of allergy.

In people who suffer from a hereditary allergy, when they come into contact with allergens, reactive specific proteins accumulating in the cells combine with the mast cells of human organs. At a time when these proteins accumulate in the cells very much, then there is a readiness for the manifestation of an allergic reaction.

Further, the allergen enters the body in which the accumulated reactants, and immediately the mast cells excrete substances that have damaging properties. Such substances are called mediators. It can be histamines, leukotrienes, anaphylaxis substances and others.

They cause allergic reactions in different organs of man. With allergies, there is a destruction of the organs, redness, a violation of their functions, swelling, itching and pain.

Among the violations of the functions of the organs can be distinguished breathing disorders, skin itching and others. In severe cases, there may be a strong vasodilation and a drop in pressure.

The presence of allergies and its causes can be determined by yourself. Of course, this can be done before going to the doctor, but if you did not succeed, or you are not sure of the result, you should definitely consult a doctor and undergo a laboratory test.

To test the availability of allergies in pharmacies are sold special tests. The principle of their operation is simple: A little blood needs to be applied to this test and after a while compare the results with the table that is provided with the test.

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