Alcohol in the first weeks of pregnancy

Alcohol in the first weeks of pregnancy is a very dangerous drink for the development of the child. However, there are situations when a woman still did not know about pregnancy.

What to do in this situation?

How will alcohol affect the child’s development in the first weeks of pregnancy?

Any alcohol and even beer during pregnancy is not desirable, because in any form of alcohol contains ethanol.

The danger of alcohol in the first weeks of pregnancy is that ethanol freely penetrates to the cells, and the developing child also receives a certain amount of alcohol.

How this will affect its development and what dose of alcohol is safe no one will tell you. Everything is too individual!

For one woman, a bottle of martini, drunk the day before, will be safe, and for another, even a glass of champagne will be that critical drop that will lead to irreparable consequences.

But our body is wise enough and protective mechanisms work very well in it.

If alcohol in the first weeks of pregnancy had a negative effect on the developing fetus, then most likely the body will do so that the fetus will leave the female body. Simply put, the body will reject the fruit, and a miscarriage will occur.

In the first trimester of pregnancy this is a frequent occurrence. Through an early miscarriage the body gets rid of the damaged cells, and thereby gives the woman the opportunity to bear and give birth to an absolutely healthy child.

If you find that you have 1 week of pregnancy , the symptoms of which are not yet obvious, and you suddenly remembered that you used alcohol, you do not have to worry and torment yourself.

If alcohol has not affected the child, the pregnancy will develop in accordance with the deadline. If alcohol has affected pregnancy there is nothing to help, and the most competent decision is to let nature do its thing and get its chance for a repeat healthy pregnancy and a full-fledged child.

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