Advice for pregnant women

All pregnant women will be offered the opportunity to be among the first to be vaccinated because they are at risk of having more severe flu disease than non pregnant women.

Vaccination does not present a known risk to the fetus or the woman during any part of the pregnancy. Vaccination can therefore occur throughout the pregnancy and the woman can also vaccinate if she is breastfeeding.

At present, no vaccination is recommended for young children under 6 months of age. Experience from vaccination against seasonal influenza is lacking in this age group. Clinical studies with the pandemic vaccine will be performed to evaluate vaccine dose and immune response.

So affected pregnant

There is nothing that tells pregnant to be at greater risk of being infected than others. For the vast majority, the flu is a relatively mild disease, but the pregnancy means that the woman receives a reduced immune response to reduce the risk that the body will perceive the fetus as strange that it is eliminated.

Reports from other countries show that it is predominantly in late pregnancy (third trimester) that women needed hospital care in connection with the onset of the new H1N1 flu. It is likely that the lungs in the chest will have less space, the longer the pregnancy will last and the stomach grows.

How is the fetus affected if the woman becomes ill?

It is unusual for viruses to be transmitted to the fetus and nothing is telling that the flu virus itself can harm the fetus. On the other hand, the immune responses induced by an infection can cause additional stress to the fetus. Pregnant who get high fever for any reason, including flu, is therefore recommended to take fever-reducing medicines with paracetamol (type Alvedon or Panodil) to reduce the effect on the fetus.

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